The Marshall County Drainage Board and the Marshall County Commissioners met Monday morning in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  The Drainage Board meeting begins at 8:30 and the Commissioners at 9:30. 

The County Drainage Board will consider maintenance bids for the George Seltenright Ditch, Emma Kuntz Ditch, and the Craig Unsicker Ditch.  Also on their agenda are assessments for the J. Ballenger/Myers Drain and a petition for work on the Fairchild ditch. 

The Drainage Board will also consider the 2024 meeting schedule, sign a maintenance contract, and open the floor for public comments. 

The Commissioners Meeting begins at 9:30 and is livestreamed at https//

The Commissioners will hear from Highway Superintendent Jason Peters and Sandy Dunfee from the County Health Department.  Dunfee will present an MOU with the Breathe Easy Marshall County Alliance.  EMA Director Jack Garner will present his quarterly report, Marshall County Economic Development CEO Greg Hildebrand will ask the commissioners to make an appointment to the board of directors, and Culver Town Manager, Kevin Danti will request an assignment of storage parcel to the Culver Redevelopment Commission.

The commissioners will hear the County Attorney and County Auditor’s reports and discuss ARP Funding, make an appointment to the Plymouth Plan Commission, and consider an ordinance amending the Employee handbook about smoking, along with the Tracker addendum to their contract.  Also under Commissioner items is a request to sell seized vehicles through an auction, the Owner-Occupied Housing contract with Brown & Brown Construction, the Council on Aging Section 5339 Grant agreement, and approval of the Shady Rest Farm lease.

The meetings are open to the public.