Argos Fire Territory increases their transportation fleet and reduces exposure to cancer-causing toxins.

Argos Firemen’s Inc., the volunteer group of firefighters serving the Argos community, recently purchased a new to Argos 2000 F250 Super Duty Truck. The truck was spruced up, having new decals added, and was donated to the Argos Fire Territory.

On behalf of the Argos Fire Protection Territory Board, President Randy Snead received the keys to the new addition. “This is great, and we thank our volunteer association for raising funds and donating the truck.”

Dennis Mark, President of the Argos Firemen’s Inc., stated “we were able to purchase the truck from donations received at our pancake breakfasts, fair booth, and other donations received throughout the year.”

The new truck provides space for gear exposed to carcinogens to be transported back to the station safely, allowing for a clean cab in the fire trucks. Dennis adds “a clean cab will help minimize contamination of potentially cancer-causing toxins the firefighters are exposed to returning from a fire.”

The new truck has already been put to good use for general transportation, carrying extra hose to a fire, and bringing gear back to the station. The fire truck was purchased from the Bremen Fire Department.

Additional information about the Town of Argos can be found online at and on social media @townofargos.

  • Pictured: Mark Dean, Fire Chief, Argos Fire Territory
  • Dennis Mark, President, Argos Firemen’s Inc.
  • Charles (Randy) Snead, President, Argos Fire Protection Territory Board
  • Stephen Wilhelm, Walnut Township Appointee to board
  • Kate, Beloved Mascot