In 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revised the Lead & Copper Rule and is now requiring all water utilities to identify the service line material for all customer’s waterlines. Indiana Department of Environmental Management has set a deadline of October 2024 to identify the material and submit a report of findings.

This applies to those who receive a utility bill from the Town of Culver.

To aid the Culver Utilities Department in completing this project, the town is asking that property owners check the material of the water line where it enters their residence or business. It will probably be located in your basement or crawl space. Then report the material type on the online survey found here: There are pictures of the different materials (copper, lead, galvanized, and plastic/PVC) on the survey in case you need help identifying which material you have.

Culver Town Clerk Karen Heim has attached the 2023 Town of Culver Water Quality report that is mailed out annually in case citizens have questions on the quality of Culver’s water. This report also can be found on the Town’s website at

The Culver Utilities Department appreciates your time in helping them work to make sure that lead does not exist in their system or your home.  If you have any questions, contact the Culver Clerk’s Office or the Culver Utilities Dept.