Hoosier Racing Tire, the world’s largest manufacturer of racing tires, has been named the Coolest Thing Made in Indiana by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

“We are very honored and humbled to receive the award for the Coolest Thing Made in Indiana contest,” said Joerg Burfien, President and CEO of Hoosier Racing Tire. “Thank you to all that have supported us and thank you to our employees. Our dedicated employees go above and beyond to ensure our customers get the tires they need and want. I am proud of our workforce and the efforts they put forth on a daily basis.”

Celebrating the state’s long manufacturing history, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce set out to find and recognize the Coolest Thing Made in Indiana. While the competition was stout, out of a pool of 47 businesses, Hoosier Racing Tire triumphed with a fan vote that reached around the globe. With every round of voting all candidates started with a clean slate and zero votes. Week after week, Hoosier fans came out to support and push them to victory.

“It really is a special honor to receive this award,” said Mark Spence, VP of Technology and Manufacturing.” It was great to see the support we have received from the community. We do make a cool product. There is a lot more that goes into a racing tire than most people realize. It is somewhat of an art and a skill that we teach our employees. Now everyone knows how cool our tires are.”

Hoosier Racing Tire has a strong Hoosier heritage starting their small business in Lakeville, Indiana in 1957. Over the next 65 years, the company has expanded its manufacturing facility in Plymouth Indiana, and its product offerings to cover nearly every form of racing. Expanding their footprint around the world, they have a vast distributor and dealer network to meet the needs of all customers. From the youngest drivers racing go-carts to the dragsters running 270 mph on the strip, Hoosier Racing Tire has supported and fueled passion in the motorsports industry globally. Hoosier is proud of its Indiana roots and proudly makes tires designed for champions right here in Indiana.