The ProPEL U.S. 30 West study team will be in Plymouth this weekend at the Plymouth Public Library. Please stop by to learn more about the study and provide your input on alternatives that are being considered for the U.S. 30 and U.S. 31 corridors.

The ProPEL U.S. 30 west study area extends from State Road 49 in Porter County to West County Road 700 North in Fulton County and Beech Road in Marshall County.

INDOT has conducted studies to gather relevant information from each community hoping to find solutions tailored to the needs of the specific areas involved. Feedback from residents, motorists, businesses, and others is vital to the success of the studies.

ProPEL US 30 will be seeking input through an in-person meeting this Saturday at the Plymouth Public Library.  

ProPEL US 30 recently released the Universe of Alternatives Report which contains about 55 improvement concepts that could be implemented into the route.  Now that people have had time to look at the report, the team will meet with community members this Saturday seeking input.  

ProPEL team members will be at the Plymouth Public Library from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. to give businesses and residents of Marshall County a chance to give comments in person or ask questions.  A full list of the Universe of Alternatives is available online on the ProPEL US 30 and US 31 websites.   The 103-page document is also available for review at the Plymouth Public Library.

Public comments on the Universe of Alternatives will be accepted until December 22, 2023.