The City of Plymouth is applying for a grant to assist with the funding of several projects for the city’s Water Department.  As a part of the grant, they are seeking input from the community. 

In a Facebook post on the City of Plymouth page the post states:

Keeping our municipal water utility in great condition is one of our top priorities. Our water utility supplies us with safe drinking water and fire-fighting capabilities. It is a vital part of maintaining our community’s public health and safety!!

Currently, we are in the process of applying for a federal grant to help us complete a much-needed project. The project will refurbish the existing water tower and entail water line upgrades in various areas.

The obtainment of the grant means we will not have to borrow funding and/or raise utility rates as a result of the project’s completion. Therefore, we hope we are successful.

To improve our chances of obtaining the grant, we need to demonstrate public support therefore we ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts.

Topics of Discussion Include:

1. Do you think our water quality is good (why / why not)?

2. How is your water pressure (adequate or needs improvement)?

3. Are you supportive of our effort to acquire a federal grant to keep rates manageable (explain how a rate increase would financially impact you)?

Please be respectful with your comments.

While some of the comments have been useful for the grant, many of the comments don’t deal with the projects the city is planning to undertake in the near future. 

There seem to be some questions about the city’s water supply so WTCA’s What’s Your Opinion Show on Monday, December 4th will feature Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson.  He will be explaining the work that needs to be completed with the projects selected, how the city tests its water and reports that information to the public, and what things are added to the city’s water. 

What’s Your Opinion begins right after the 9 a.m. news on GIANT fm WTCA FM 106.1 & AM 1050.  The phone lines will be open for questions at 574-936-4098.