On Friday, U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) announced his nominations for U.S. service academy appointments. Applications were received from 150 high school students, and a select group was interviewed by an advisory board chosen by Senator Young. Out of 77 offered interviews, 51 exemplary young men and women from across Indiana received a nomination from Senator Young.

Senator Young said, “I had the privilege of recommending a talented group of Hoosiers for admission to the United States service academies this year. These young men and women are highly qualified to serve our country, and I’m very proud of their hard work. I wish them the best of luck in their application process.”

A nomination does not guarantee admission to a service academy but is required to be considered. Nominees are chosen based on personal merit. Criteria considered include evidence of character, leadership, academic excellence, physical aptitude, and extracurricular activities.

Senator Young’s local Service Academy nominees are for the United States Military Academy: Meghan Feick, Jonathan Jimenez, and Eamon Seeley, all three from Culver Academies.

The senator also had a nomination to the United States Naval Academy, Rose Peterson from Culver Academies.