About 12:30 today the Town of Culver had a water main break and water was shut off to the entire town.  At about 3 p.m. the Culver Clerk’s Officer announced that water has been restored in the Town of Culver and will come online shortly. The issue was a break in the 10-inch water main located on Davis Street.

As Culver restores water service, the Indiana Department of Environment Management requires a boil order to be issued due to low water pressure during the repair.  The Culver Water Department asks that everyone boil water that you consume, including cooking water and brushing your teeth. This order will be in effect until further notice. The Town of Culver also asks that you let your faucets run for a few minutes to clear out your lines as your service is restored. Crews will be working tomorrow flushing hydrants, so there may be periods in which you will see discolored water from this process.