The Culver Town Council approved on third reading an ordinance to increase golf cart registration rates from $40 annually to $100 annually beginning next year. 

Without any additional discussion, the ordinance passed with 3 yes votes, Bill Cleavenger, Bill Githens, and Rich West.   Bill Hamm abstained from voting, and Sally Ricciardi was absent from the meeting.   

During the Public Comment portion of the meeting, Rod Ringer who lives on 16th Road in Plymouth and owns Ringer’s Golf Carts in Culver at 921 Lake Shore Drive gave his thoughts on the council’s decision.  He told them, “I had a big, long speech but I think it is just falling on deaf ears.”    He went on to say his business registered 40 golf carts last year and he and his wife both spoke during the public hearing expressing their concern about a 66% increase in registration fees and the impact on their small business in Culver.  He said the new fees will cost them $4,000 next year for their permits.

Mr. Ringer said their business is going to have to make changes next year due to the increase.  He said they have donated and donated and donated to the community, the town, the park department, the police department, and to Town Councilman Bill Githens for the parade.  Rod said, “You just pushed this through. Sally was the only one in there against this.  Everybody else voted for the 66% increase on these permits.  I understand a little bit of a permit increase but 66%.  Two years ago, it was a 50% increase.”   He went on to say, “I don’t think you guys take into consideration at all about our golf cart business.”  He closed his comments by saying, “I just want to thank you again for sticking the knife in our back a little deeper.” 

Bill Githens commented back to Rod telling him he paid for the golf cart when he used it in the parade.