Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council approved the change order for the new Pierce Fire Truck. 

More than a year ago the city council approved purchasing a new engine for the department with an estimated price of $800,000.

Fire Chief Steve Holm said before he signed the contract, he removed a couple of options from the contract bringing the new price down to $784,000.

A couple of weeks ago Chief Holm, Assistant Chief Garcia, and two other firefighters went to Appleton, WI for the pre-construction print approval.  The chief said there were almost 500 options to consider before the truck goes into production. He said the specifications they gave Pierce were from the township engine most recently purchased.  Chief Holm said they did some modifications to make sure the engine has a more universal use. 

Some of the changes proposed were back-lit hand rails, extra steps, and reducing the cab from 6 seats to 5 seats to allow additional internal storage.  The chief said they added more scene lighting and warning lights on the engine.  They also removed the hydraulic hose and components for extradition equipment because new battery-operated equipment is easier to handle, and it makes the scene safe because hydraulic hoses aren’t lying all over the ground.

The changes totaled about $14,000, bringing the bottom line to $798,000, which is still below the initial estimate.

The Common Council approved the change order for the new fire truck.