Culver EMS Director Jeff Koon appeared before the Culver Town Council Tuesday evening for EMS Week. 

He said, “Every year in May the federal government recognizes EMS week. This year the week is May 21st through the 27th.  The theme of this year is “where emergency care begins.  This theme could not be more fitting, not only for us but for public safety as a whole.  Communities across Indiana and the nation have taken steps and measures to ensure the health and safety of the residents of the communities they serve.  Plus, in most cases, the development of these services started with some form of volunteerism and over the years has evolved into what we have today.    While every community is never the same, the goal has always been the same, to provide quality public safety to the people who live, work, or play in the community.  Over these last few years, many challenges have faced the public safety sector. The pandemic was our main challenge with all the unknowns we faced.  Then the unintended actions from the pandemic. While the federal government gave guidance and some support, it was the local communities that answered the call once again.  Being faced with staff shortages, everchanging guidance, the undesired effects which lead to rapid wage increases in every area, and smaller pools of workers to choose from, you (the Culver Town Council) helped us tackle these issues.  So, as we recognize EMS, we wanted to thank all of you for not only supporting us but listening and understanding us over these last few years as well.”   

Starting this year, Director Koon is honoring those who serve the citizens of Culver with years of service recognition.

EMS Recognition for 5 years of service was Jason Albin, Stacey Beckner, Wesley Coulter, Scott Erickson, Max Good, and Stephen Williams. 

10-year recognition of service awards will go to John Grolich and Lisa Richards and with 15 years of service Tiffanie Townsend.

Ron Cole is retiring from service for Culver EMS with 36 years of service.  Cole attended the meeting Tuesday night and was presented with a plaque from EMS Director Jeff Koon.