Last week, Marshall County Plan Director Ty Adley presented the Commissioners with a revised fee schedule for Board of Zoning Appeals and Plan Commission cases.

Adley said, “The goal of the department is not to over-generate funding, but to have the project owner cover the cost rather than members of the general public pay for improvements through taxes.” 

The proposal shows a rezoning request fee increase from $150 to $200 and a vacation request would double from $75 to $150 and there is now a $150 fee for a waiver.  The proposal has major increases for subdivision applications with a minor subdivision going from $100 to $500, a major subdivision from $150 to $750, and a Planned Unit Development from $150 to $1200. 

The Plan Director presented changes for BZA appeals from $75 to $225; a variance of use from $150 to $300; a variance of development standards from $75 to $275; and a special use except solar or wind is proposed to go from $75 to $275.  Wind and Solar Farm applications would cost $2500 plus $200 for each wind tower. 

The commissioners opened a public hearing with only one question regarding the wind farm fee since the county has an ordinance against them. It was explained that the fee is there in case the state would ever say it is illegal to have an ordinance against wind farms.  With no other comments, the commissioners passed the ordinance amendment on the first reading. The fees will be advertised, and the commissioners will consider 2nd and 3rd readings at their next public meeting on June 5th.