In a recent news release, Representative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) said, “During Indiana’s 2023 legislative session, fiscal responsibility took center stage as we passed a balanced budget that will take care of our state’s needs while making smart investments for the future.”

He continued, “As your state legislator, I’m excited to report that our fiscal blueprint for the next two years will deliver results for Hoosier taxpayers and families.”

Highlights from the recently passed budget include:

Providing Relief for Hoosier Taxpayers

Jordan said, “Indiana’s financial health remains strong, which put us in a position to once again lower taxes, save for a rainy day and continue paying down our state’s already low debt. With the budget bill now signed into law, taxpayers could save more than $430 million over the next two years. That’s because we’re accelerating the scheduled income tax reductions, which could give Indiana one of the lowest rates in the nation by 2027. The budget plan also provides much-needed tax relief for new parents, low-income families, and active-duty military members.”

The new budget supports students and families.

Indiana’s K-12 spending makes up about half of the state’s $44.6 billion budget. The new budget includes an additional $2.3 billion for K-12 education and school funding will increase by 10 percent over the next two years. Parents will also no longer be on the hook for paying textbook and curricular fees.

Rep. Jordan said, “Our budget empowers Hoosier parents like never before. We know that most Hoosier families want the opportunity to choose the best school that meets their child’s needs, and most of those choices result in transferring a student from one public school to another public school. Whether a family chooses to send their child to a public or non-public school, or homeschool their student, I believe parents should have access to a wide range of quality options and our tax dollars should follow the children. Under this budget plan, the majority of Hoosiers could participate in Indiana’s school choice program.”

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Jordan commented, “We also directed funding to support Career Technical Education Career Scholarship Accounts to increase work-based learning opportunities for Hoosier students. It’s critical more students skill up and prepare for whatever path they choose after high school graduation.” 

Boosting Our Economy is in next year’s Budget

This budget plan also continues our state’s incredible economic momentum by making smart, strategic investments in projects across Indiana. This includes expanding Indiana’s successful READI program, which has allowed the North Central Indiana Regional Planning CouncilNorthern Indiana Regional Development Authority, and Northwest Indiana Forum, Inc. including Fulton, Marshall, and Pulaski counties and surrounding areas, to better attract, develop and maintain talent. 

Rep. Jordan said, “Through responsible, conservative leadership, Indiana’s next two-year state budget will deliver results for Hoosier taxpayers and families. If you have any questions about the budget or the legislative session, which concluded on April 28, please contact me at 317-232-9651 or email me at”