Monday morning the Marshall County Commissioners awarded the bid for the Community Crossing Grant projects and the additional paving projects the county will fund on their own.

The Community Crossing projects for 2023 include Queen Road from U.S. 30 to 6th Road, Plymouth/Goshen Trail from the Plymouth city limits at the bridge near Teachers Credit Union eastwardly to U.S. 30 and 10B Road from State Road 17 westwardly to the county line.  Three companies submitted bids: E & B Paving at $1,656,80; Milestone Contactors at $1,546,733 and the lowest bid from Rieth Riley Construction at $1,478,936.    The commissioners awarded the contract to Rieth Riley.  The county’s share for these projects is $478,936. 

The same three companies submitted bids for the additional paving projects.  This time Milestone Contractors had the lowest bid at $2,636,097.03.  The other two bids were Rieth Riley at $2,766,281 and E & B Paving at $2,779,255.  Additional paving projects are 9th Road from Pioneer Drive to Union Road, 13th Road from Peach Road to Olive Trail, King Road from 12B to just south of 11th Road, and Muckshaw Road from 14th Road to State Road 10.

While the County Commissioners approved the low bid of Milestone Contractors, they have the understanding that the County Council will have to determine whether all projects can be funded.  If the Council determines funding isn’t available for all the projects, they will decide which road projects they can fund this year.  

The cost for the 9th Road project is $1,212,582.23.   It’s about 5 miles in length.  This project may need to be pulled this year because of the cost.  Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said previously that this project could be done in consecutive years by splitting it into phases.

The Highway Superintendent commented that all the millings taken off the county roads will be recycled and turned into material for other projects on the county roads.  He said the contractors will be milling off 2½ to 3 inches on these roads.