The Marshall County Commissioners agreed to provide MACOG with a letter of support for the rural communities that may be applying for the U.S. DOT Charging & Fueling Infrastructure Grant Program. 

Leah Thill from MACOG said there is interest in the regional grant that would provide a 4-bay electric vehicle charging station in Bremen, Culver, and Plymouth.  She explained the charging stations are level 2 stations that would give users about 50 miles for a 2-hour charge.  A level 3 station provides much faster charging, like stopping for a fill-up at a gas station but the cost is about 10 times more.  There is some interest in having a faster charging station along U.S. 30. 

Thill said the grant is an 80-20 split and MACOG has some additional funds to assist rural communities with their match. She also said that private companies such as an apartment complex could apply for the grant but would have to pay the 20% match.

The County Commissioners were supportive of providing a letter of support and were assured that no funds were required from the county.