Tiffanie Marley, age 27, left us for heaven on May 3. She wasn’t just spunky, or just a wild child, Tiffanie was a free spirit… a fighter… and a bad ass little 4’ 10” chick who did things her way. In fact, the name “Tiffanie” originally came from the word “Epiphany:” a moment when you suddenly understand something complex. The “Epiphany of Tiffanie” was that she was a young woman who loved the Flo arts, tie-dye, festivals and hippy vibes. The one thing she wasn’t crazy about, ironically, was her name. Instead of claiming her name was Tiffanie, she re-named herself “Trippy Chips.” In 2018, she would give birth to the love of her life, “Ziggie Lee.” Her one and only child. Tiffanie was born Jan. 9, 1996 to become the youngest of three children born to Chastity and Ryan Marley of Plymouth. She grew up in Plymouth Community Schools, Showed Rabbits, Cavies & Horses with her wanna b sister Gabbie. Tiffanie was raised in a close-knit, crazy family from Inwood, a tiny town just east of Plymouth. She became the type of person who would not be the ideal companion, or “plus-one,” at a funeral. Everywhere she went, Tiffanie laughed and made people laugh. Tiffanie is survived by her parents Ryan & Chastity Marley of Plymouth, her one and only little, Ziggie Lee Yanez, age 4. Her siblings Zakaria (Stephanie) Clevenger niece Audrey of Rochester and Kaylie (Justin) Cunningham, children Izaeleyia and Cohen from Lakeville. Tiffanie was very close with her aunt Brandy “Scoops” (Joshua) Yeazel and their three children, Gabbie “Dips” , Abbie “Mini Dips” and Captain. Tiffanie was always their “plus-one”. Maternal Grandmother Linda Clevenger , Paternal Grandmother Sandra Gerrish. Tiffanie is with her Grandfather Larry Clevenger in heaven. Tiffanie’s goal in life was to get a home in the country where she could raise her son and have a heard of wiener dogs all named Bella with endless aquariums of turtles. In the end, her aunt said, Chips is just “Floing in greener pastures.” . A celebration of her life will be held June 10 at the Yeazel home located in Plymouth. The family plans to paint stones with colorful paint and put them on the banks of the Tippecanoe River, along the float route, near the accident site on Olson Road.