Due to the growing number of students who will be taking classes at the Lincoln Education Center (LEC), both school and adult-age, Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter said he feels it’s important to have a principal on-site to manage the day-to-day activities. 

The Superintendent told WTCA, “The Lincoln Education Center will continue to have more students in the building starting next school year.  Starting in the fall we will add CTE classes in the building, and our Alternative Education classes will continue to occupy the building.  Since we continue to add more students, we need to have a principal there to manage student disciplinary issues and other items like storm drills.” 

The superintendent continued by saying the JESSE program will finish its last year in the LEC and they will then be able to continue to expand the CTE offerings and add more Adult Education in the building.

Craig Hopple has agreed to become the principal of the LEC. He will also continue his activities as a teacher at the Plymouth Achievement Academy. 

The principal job will begin on July 1st.