Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel gave the commissioners an update on the radio system upgrades and presented several quotes during the Commissioner’s meeting on Monday.

The new closed-circuit TV system and an intercom system are also being installed in the jail.       

With the improvements, Sheriff Hassel would like to replace the carpeting in the Dispatch Center.  He presented two quotes, the first from Sustema from New Your City for $15,000 and the lowest quote of $6,163 from Bob’s Carpet Service in LaPaz.

The commissioners approved the carpet quote from Bob’s. 

The sheriff said the desks in the dispatch center that raise and lower are not working and they can’t find replacement parts to fix them.  He presented two quotes to replace the desks in the Dispatch Center and Main Control. 

Hassel presented three quotes.  Xybix Systems Littleton, CO quoted $79,250.70 for 5 workstations.  Porter County uses these workstations, and they were not really pleased with them. 

Sustema in New York City offered a quote of $116,757.10 for five workstations.

The final quote was from Evans from Grapevine, TX.  Sheriff Hassel said Fulton County has workstations from Evans.  The sheriff and a couple of dispatchers were able to visit the sheriff’s department and try the Evans system.  They found them very comfortable.   The quote from Evans was highest at $136,663.50. While the quote was higher, it was commented that the desks will be customized to fit the specific needs of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

The Commissioners approved the highest bid due to the fact that the desks will be customized, it includes a 5-year console maintenance prevention cleaning agreement with the quote and will include a sit or stand console unit in main control.