Last year, an Argos Elementary 3rd-grade student shared with his teacher, Nicole Barden, that he had a love for writing and organized a group of classmates to meet once a week during recess to talk about their writing.

“I knew of other students who also had a passion for writing” states Barden. “I suggested we should form an afterschool club. The students loved that idea and wrote persuasive letters to the principal asking permission to start a writing club.”

Thirty students from grades 2-5 were involved in the writing club this year. One of which was 4th-grader Oliver Haste. Haste adds “I helped start the writing club to help others get better at writing and to have a calm and kind environment to work in. I love writing because you can create your own universe and whatever you would like to.”

The love for writing spilled into Argos hosting the 2023 Young Authors’ Conference for all Marshall County children. This year’s conference featured author Shannon Anderson and her book “I Love Strawberries.” Close to 75 people from around the county attended the conference. The conference also included a writing contest.

“For the writing contest we focused on her book “I Love Strawberries!” The writing prompt included concepts of hard work, determination, and perseverance” states Jennifer Alford, 4th-grade teacher and Argos representative for Marshall County Reading Council.

Hailey Endres, a 3rd-grade Argos student, participates in the writing club and submitted a piece for the writing contest. Her poem was selected as one of the winners. All winners of the contest received an autographed book and a meet n’ greet with the author.

The efforts of the elementary writing club resulted in students becoming published authors. Their book, a compilation of Haikus poems, was published by Student Treasures Publishing.

“I am incredibly proud of our students for their hard work and creativity” states Kerry Johnson, Argos Elementary Principal. “I am also very thankful for our teachers for having conversations, providing space, and encouraging a love for writing. I am excited to see this grow in our elementary and travel into our Jr. and Sr. High School.”

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