Voter turnout appears to be very low for the Municipal Primary on Tuesday.  County Clerk Jenny Bennitt said there were approximately 12,179 voters eligible to vote in the three communities combined.  On Tuesday 895 citizens went to the polls to vote.  There were also 76 absentee paper ballots and 218 walk-in absentee votes.  That means a total of 1,189 people voted making voter turnout 12.22%.   Just four years ago, in 2019 voter turnout was 17.97%. 

The Republicans were the only ones who had races in the Municipal Primary Election on Tuesday, May 2nd.

In the City of Plymouth, the only race was for Mayor.  There were four candidates and Greg Compton was victorious with 274 votes.  The next candidate was Nick Fisher who gathered 150 votes, followed by John Grolich who received 120 votes.  Rick Cooper was the fourth candidate and received only 10 votes. 

There was a race on the Republican ticket for Bremen Town Council.  There were four seats open with six candidates.  The top four vote-getters were incumbent Bill Dailey with 220 votes, incumbent Michael A Leman with 205 votes, Alex Mikel with 185 votes, and Bryan Miller with 176 votes.  The other candidates were Barbara Sauter with 159 votes and Joe Blakley with 93 votes.

The third Republican race was in Culver for three Town Council seats and four candidates.  The top three candidates were Dana Neer with 130 votes, Ginny Bess Munroe with 98 votes, a former town council member, and incumbent Sally Ricciardi with 94 votes.  The fourth candidate was Leigh (Boo) Marshall with 79 votes.   

Looking at the other candidates who weren’t challenged in the Plymouth Republican primary ballot included Lynn Gorski for Clerk-Treasurer with 482 votes.  City Council At Large candidates were Brian Bartlett who received 393 votes and Brandon Richie had 402 votes. There are three At Large seats so the Republicans can still seat a third candidate before the November election. Plymouth City Council District 1 candidate Duane Culp received 67 votes, City Council District 2 candidate Don Ecker Jr. received 133 votes, there was no candidate for the City Council District 3 seat, and City Council District 4 candidate Randy Longanecker received 165 votes.   

For the Town of Bremen, the only other Republican candidate was incumbent Janet Anglemyer for Clerk-Treasurer.  She received 260 votes.

In the Town of Culver, incumbent Karen Heim received 136 votes. 

On the Democratic Primary Ballot in Plymouth, Robert Listenberger for Mayor received 148 votes.  The Democrats don’t have a candidate for Clerk-Treasurer. The three City Council At Large candidates were Jennifer Fonseca with 135 votes, David Morrow with 135 votes, and Jeff Houin with 132 votes. The Democrats have two candidates for the four City Council District seats.  They do not yet have a candidate for the District 1 or 2 seats. Shiloh Carothers Milner for District 3 received 38 votes, and Cathy Huff Wraight for District 4 gathered 50 votes. 

On the Democratic Primary Ballot in Culver, they had no candidate for the Clerk-Treasurer seat and Richard West was the only candidate who filed for one of the three seats on the Culver Town Council.  He received 22 votes.