Bids for three Community Crossing Projects were opened during Monday’s Marshall County Commissioner’s meeting.  Bids were also opened for 4 additional paying projects. 

Three companies submitted bids for both sets of paving projects.  Bidders were Reith Riley Paving from South Bend, E & B Paving from Rochester, and Milestone Contractors from South Bend.

The Community Crossing Matching Grant Projects are 10B Road from State Road 17 to the County Line, Plymouth Goshen Trail from the Plymouth City Limits to U.S. 30, and Queen Road from U.S. 30 to 6th Road.

Bids on these projects from Reith Riley were $1,478,936.  E & B Paving offered a bid of $1,656,870.48 while Milestone’s bid was $1,546,733.23.

Marshall County was awarded $1 million from the state in the Community Crossing matching grant funds.  The county must pay a 25% match or more if their project bids are higher.   

The additional paving project the county is looking at and will fund with county funds are a 5-mile stretch of 9th Road from Pioneer Drive to Union Road, Muckshaw Road from 14th Road to State Road 10, King Road from just south of 11th Road to 12B Road and 13th Road from Peach Road from Olive Trail.

The bids for these additional paving projects from Reith Riley were $2,766,281.  E & B Paving offered a bid of $2,779,255.16 and Milestone presented a bid of $2,635,097.03. 

Bids were taken under advisement for review and Highway Superintendent Jason Peters will make his recommendation at the May on May 15th

Individual road project bids were:

                     Reith Riley          E&B Paving         Milestone

10B Rd           $788,579           $899,470.75        $781,561.90         

Ply-Gosh         $256,187           $270,997.35        $289,800.85

Queen RD       $434,170           $486,402.38        $475,370.48

9th Road       $1,338,908         $1,388,648.50    $1,212,582.28

13th Rd           $365,719            $353,481.15       $371,994.75

King Rd          $337,808            $340,576.53       $364,755.35

Muckshaw      $723,846            $696,548.98       $685,764.65

If you add both paving project groups together shows

Reith Riley at $4,245,217.00

E & B at        $4,436,125.64

Milestone      $4,181,830.26