Last month members of the Marshall County Council considered an amendment to the 2023 Salary Ordinance to address two changes.

Last year Sheriff Matt Hassel asked the council to consider making the turnkey/dispatcher position a 40-hour work week instead of the 37.5 they had been.  He also requested to have the remaining civilian start moved to a 40-hour work week.

Last year’s County Council didn’t think it was the right thing to do but this year’s council heard the request a couple of months ago and suggested the sheriff take the request to the Personnel Committee for consideration.  After consideration, the committee gave a favorable recommendation for the increase in weekly hours.

The second change was in the Marshall County Highway Department.  Jason Peters asked to have an additional full-time heavy equipment operator position added to the staff.

The Marshall County Council approved both amendments to the 2023 Salary Ordinance with 6 Yes votes and 1 No vote from Councilman Jim Masterson.