During the April 10th meeting of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety, there was a lengthy discussion of the request of George Schricker for a Community Revitalization Rebate Grant for 113 and 115 North Michigan Street in downtown Plymouth.

Schricker plans to put a new roof on both buildings, remove the paint and mortar and tuckpoint the bricks, paint the lower façade, add new canopies, and replace the covers over the rear entrances.  The total cost of these improvements is just over $84,000. 

The issue some members of the City Council had dealt with was the OCRA grant he was awarded at the end of 2022 in the amount of $45,162 towards the project.  With that grant, he would be responsible for almost 39,000.  Some members of the city council wanted to give him a 20% rebate on the entire project cost which would be about $15,500 while others only wanted to give the 20% rebate on the $39,000 or about $7,800.  After several votes, the council approved 20% on the lesser amount. 

During last Monday’s City Council meeting, Councilman Duane Culp opened the discussion after doing additional research. He said he had discovered another business that got the 20% grant match on their entire project.  Culp said the REES was doing a $300,000 roofing project and had received OCRA funds and the city gave them the 20% match on the entire project.

Councilmen Robert Listenberger said he just wants to be “fair and consistent” with everyone. 

Councilman Greg Compton said it’s up to the discretion of the city council but since both, the REES and Wild Rose Moon, which operates in Schricker’s building are both non-profits he had changed his mind and was in favor of the full grant award now. 

Mayor Senter said he apologized to Schricker because he didn’t present the request well enough.  He commented that Plymouth is becoming an Arts mecca and this project helps promote the downtown and Plymouth.

The Common Council decided to consider the request again and unanimously approved the Community Revitalization Rebate Grant on Schricker’s entire project.