Attorney General Todd Rokita and his staff won a federal appeals case this week that will help protect Hoosiers from dangerous predators who have committed sex crimes.

On Thursday, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a constitutional challenge to Indiana’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA).

“We’re talking about a law that not only is clearly constitutional but also vital to public safety,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Few priorities are more pressing than protecting women, children and all Hoosiers from sex predators. The court has affirmed the validity of a law rooted in basic common sense and prudent policymaking.”

Under SORA, sex offenders who have been required to register in another jurisdiction and who live, work or study in Indiana must register as sex offenders. SORA also imposes other public safety requirements to protect children from particularly dangerous predators.   

The Seventh Circuit’s decision prevents the sex offenders who challenged SORA from evading its requirements.

Attorney General Rokita thanked his staff for their diligent work on this case — including Deputy Solicitor General James Barta, who presented the state’s oral argument.

“We’re pleased that the court recognized Indiana has a legitimate interest in registering as many sex offenders as it can,” Barta said. “This decision will help state officials protect the public.”