Monday evening the Plymouth Common Council heard an ordinance regarding legal advertising fees for the City of Plymouth. 

The ordinance states the Common Council must approve in ordinance form all fees and charges imposed by the City of Plymouth through its various departments for the myriad of services it provides to individuals. 

One such category of fees involves the cost of publishing various legal advertisements in the newspaper. Due to the increased costs of publishing those advertisements Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski has recommended that the fees charged be increased in order to cover the City’s costs. 

The purpose and intent of this ordinance is to adopt the recommended changes to the city’s legal advertising fees. 

The proposed changes in the ordinance pertain to legal advertisements for proposed annexation, proposed tax abatement, and proposed vacation of municipal property.  The previous charge was $20 and the proposed new fee will be $35.

It’s anticipated that the Plymouth Common Council will approve the ordinance on the second and third readings during the May 15th meeting.  The new fees will become effective after passage and publication as required by law.