Candidates running in the 2023 Municipal Election Primary were required to file their Pre-Primary Report by noon on Friday, April 14th.  All candidates in Marshall County filed the appropriate paperwork on time. 

The Pre-Primary Report details the receipts and expenditures of a politician for the period of January 1, 2023, to April 7, 2023.

The reports are public records and WTCA obtained a copy of the five candidates running for Mayor for the City of Plymouth.

Republican candidate Richard Allen Cooper Jr. whose committee name is Coop 4 Mayor submitted a 1-page report showing no receipts and no expenditures.

Republican candidate John Grolich submitted a 3-page report.  He had contributions from two individuals, his wife for $900 and $200 from an individual in Logansport for a total of $1100.  His expenses were to Bowen Printing for $578.87 and Lake City Bank for checks at $9.95. His cash on hand on April 14th was $511.18.

Republican candidate Nick Fisher has a committee name of Nick Fisher for Mayor.  His report shows contributions from a local business, his mother, and a retired individual.  Bailey Furniture gave a total of $2,300 while his mother gave $1,000 and the individual gave $100 for a total of $3,400.  Mr. Fisher has expenses totaling $2,322.87.  That included $801.74 for signs from UZ Marketing in Huston TX, $840.00 for 4 Pens in Boynton Beach, FL, $414.88 for 55 Printing in Los Angeles, CA for cards, and $266.25 to the Pilot News for advertising.    His cash on hand on April 14th was $1,077.13. 

Republican candidate Greg Compton’s committee name is Greg Compton for Mayor Committee, and his financial report was 5-pages long.  Mr. Compton began his campaign with $500 on hand on January 1, 2023. Greg received contributions totaling $3,200.  His receipts included $250 from Joel Schumacher, $200 from Tami Napier, $500 from Sam Schlosser, $200 from Matt Hassel, and $800 from himself.  He also received corporate contributions of $250 from Schumacher Family Medicine and $1,000 from Property Management.  His total receipts were $3,700.

Greg Compton reported expenses from January 1, 2023, to April 7, 2023, in the amount of $2,098.65.  His expenses included $57.20 to the Marshall County Clerk for a voters list and copies of public records, $525 to Sarah VanVactor for social media consulting and advertising, $1,256.45 to Bowen Printing for campaign brochures, $200 to WTCA for advertising, and $60 to the City of Plymouth for sign permits.  As of April 14th, Greg Compton had $1,601.40 on hand.

The final mayoral financial report was from Democrat Robert Listenberger.  Robert started the Pre-Primary Report with $1,475.60.  He received itemized contributions of $7,890.60 including contributions of $150 from John Kreighbaum, $200 contributions from Rick Huff and Rod Kubley, $250 contributions from Gary Treat, Patty Moberly, Barb Holcomb, and Don Jones, and a $1,000 contribution from John Oliver.  Mr. Listenberger had corporation contributions from Listenberger & Kozel in the amount of $1,500 and $100 from JGM Properties.  Robert’s report showed two political action committee contributions, $3,486.35 from Josh Walker for Mayor and $254.25 from Schafer for County Council.  Listenberger also had unitemized contributions totaling $1,145 for a total of $10,511.20.         

Robert Listenberger showed total expenditures of$3,360.60 with $81.52 to Krogers for meals,  $900 to Sean Hatfield for advertising design, $1,088.19 to Bowen Printing for printing, $123.05 to Go Daddy for web services, $90.98 to for web services, Act Blue in Sommerville MA for processing fees of $32.88, $43.98 to ULine in Chicago for advertising supplies, and a $1,000 donation to the Marshall County Neighborhood Center.  That was a total of $3,360.60 giving Listenberger cash on hand as of April 14th of $7,150.60.