Monday evening Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter read a proclamation declaring Tuesday, April 24th a Founders Day for the City of Plymouth. 

Mayor Mark said the City of Plymouth is celebrating its 150th Anniversary of becoming a city.   The Town of Plymouth, along the banks of the Mighty Yellow River, was founded in 1834 and was named the county seat of Marshall County on July 20, 1836.

The Town of Plymouth was founded by James Blair, William Polk, and John Sering who at the time were building Michigan Road.  These three men are honored by having the names in Founder’s Park named after them.   

In April of 1873, a petition was drafted by Daniel McDonald and James Maxey to secure the required number of petitioners which ordered an election to be held on April 25th to decide if the citizens wanted to be a city rather than a town. The results of that election were 3 to 1 in favor of a city and the town board of commissioners was dissolved.  A month later the new city had an election of officers andHorace Corbinwas elected Mayor.

Mayor Mark Senter proclaimed, April 23rd to April 29th as the City of Plymouth Week throughout our community and called upon all citizens to recognize our heritage and the people and organizations that preserve our city’s past for the enjoyment of residents today and in the future!