Janis Holiday, Executive Director of the Marshall County Council on Aging appeared before the County Council last week and the Commissioners on Monday seeking approval to submit the 2024 INDOT application for funding and vehicles.  She also presented her first-quarter claims for approval.

Holiday said the total first-quarter expenses were $123,947 and the total revenues coming from fares was $15,798 which leaves total net expenses of $108,149.   That amount will be paid for using state CARES funds, DOT 5311 rural money, Public Mass Transportation Funds, and a local match of $17,340. 

Holiday said during the first quarter they did 7,462 trips totaling 47,776 miles.  They had 64 in-county denials and 91 out-of-county denials. 

Marshall County Council on Aging was granted permission from the commissioners to apply for 2024 funds from INDOT.  Next year’s budget is $615,976.  She said their estimated revenues next year are $46,000. The remainder of the budget will be covered by $284,988 of federal funds, $284,998 local matching money and $57,707 from the state. 

Next year’s applications will also include the purchase of two replacement low-floor minivans at $138,224.  They are funded through an 80/20 grant with the feds paying $110,579 and the local match of $27,645.  All required match funds will be secured by the Marshall County Council on Aging.