Wednesday evening members of the Marshall County Central Dispatch Advisor Board met in the conference room at the Sheriff’s Department. 

Members of the committee include Sheriff Matt Hassel, Mayor Mark Senter, Commissioner Stan Klotz, County Council members Jesse Bohannon and Tim Harman, Culver Police Chief Wayne Bean, George Null from the Argos Fire Territory, Union Township Trustee Marlene Mahler, John Lampkins from Union North EMS and Zach McGuigan the 911 Supervisor.  Brandon Chapman former Bourbon Fire Chief was absent from the meeting.   

During their last meeting members discussed increasing the 2024 payments from the various units by 5%. Board member George Null asked for some numbers before making the final determination.

Sheriff Matt Hassel presented the 2022 call information by the agency.  The report shows all 19 jurisdictions, which include police, fire, and EMS for each community. It shows the number of calls per agency type and the percentage of calls for each jurisdiction. 

During last night’s meeting members discussed the proposal and voted unanimously to increase the annual payments by 5%.  Another report showed the 2024 fees and the 5% increase.

Overall the 2023 fee is $247,513 and the 5% increase will bring that amount to $259,883 or an increase of only $12,370.   

The report shows:

Argos              $12,679        5% increase     $13,312

Bourbon          $11,025        5% increase      $11,575

Bourbon Twp.   $ 1,654        5% increase      $ 1,736

Plymouth          $202,860       5% increase    $213,003

Culver                $11,025        5% increase       $11,576

Union Twp.        $ 1,654         5% increase       $ 1,736

LaPaz               $ 1,654         5% increase       $ 1,736

North Twp.       $ 1,654         5% increase       $ 1,736

Polk Twp.         $ 1,654         5% increase       $ 1,736

Tippecanoe Twp $ 1,654         5% increase       $ 1,736

                       _______                               _______

                    $247,513                               $259,883

Sheriff Matt Hassel said they will be sending letters to the Clerk/Treasurers and Townships to inform them about the 5% increase for 2024.  They will need the new figures when preparing their budgets this summer for 2025.