The Marshall County Recycle Depot was notified last week that they were awarded a $5,000 grant award from the Marshall County Community Foundation.  The funds will be used to help pay for a feasibility study for a Yard Waste Collection Facility. 

Marianne Peters Director of the Solid Waste District Management Agency has wanted to investigate the possibility of creating a yard waste collection facility for use by county residents. To begin the process Peters wants to hire GT Environmental from Ohio to conduct a feasibility study which will take about 5 months. Last week she told the Board of Directors said the company has done numerous studies of this nature for many other organizations throughout Indiana and the Midwest, including for many solid waste districts. 

The scope of the study is to analyze the current yard waste disposal options in Marshall County and recommend best practices and three possible best sites for a yard waste collection facility. This type of facility will be a place for all county residents, municipalities, and businesses to take their organic materials such as brush, leaves, and grass clippings which would be ground into mulch to be used in the county or sold to other enterprises that need this material such as industrial composters or farms.

Peters said, “The benefit of a site like this is that it will reduce burning, burying, and dumping of this waste, making use of a natural resource.”

The cost of the study is $26,000. The MCCF grant covers $5,000. The Marshall County Solid Waste District will be covering the remaining $21,000 from its capital funds. Peter said, “We see it as a needed investment in the quality of life and modern waste management in Marshall County.”