Monday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved a resolution that will allow the Police department to purchase a replacement squad car through special purchasing methods. 

During the meeting, City Attorney Sean Surrisi explained that on March 8th an officer with the police department struck a deer with his 2014 Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility Vehicle. As a result of the accident, the vehicle was totaled by the City’s insurer, Zurich American Insurance Co. On March 17, another driver collided with a 2016 Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility Vehicle being driven by a second Plymouth Police Department Officer. That vehicle is currently out of service and awaiting repair. Due to these accidents, the department has been short on vehicles, requiring the reallocation of Police Chief David Bacon’s vehicle and others to the patrol staff.

Chief Bacon discovered a source of in-stock police cars available at Brannen Motor Company in Unadilla, Georgia so the purpose and intent of the resolution is to approve the purchase of a new police car from the Georgia company utilizing the special purchasing methods outlined in Indiana Code.

The 2023 Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility Vehicle in Georgia is priced at $44,400 plus a $900 delivery charge.

Surrisi said the basis for the special purchase is an emergency condition under Indiana Code because of the recent car accidents that produced an immediate need for additional vehicles.  It is also appropriate because utilizing another purchasing method was necessary because the vehicles are not currently in stock and would seriously impair the function of the Police Department due to the extensive time delay and the urgent need for vehicles.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the resolution that will allow the Police Department to purchase a new Ford Explored Interceptor from the Georgia dealership.  

The new police vehicle could be purchased and delivered within the next few weeks while purchasing a Dodge Durango from the Auto Park could take 16 to 20 weeks. 

The Common Council also approved the transfer of funds in the Cumulative Capital Development Fund from Improvements to equipment to fund the additional cost.  Insurance is giving the city $10,684 for the squad that was totaled.