PLYMOUTH-The world’s greatest dad, grandfather, brother, and husband, Rick Ruud, passed away on Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 10:20 PM.
Rick was universally loved and respected. I never knew anyone who he did not immediately befriend. He joked with strangers, thanked employees, and built a huge number of friends and close colleagues in his life. He adored his four grandchildren. He was always there with advice and help for his sons. He loved his wife. Talked to his siblings all the time.
In the end, he really did not want to go. His will and his brain were sharp and strong. But his body was broken, and it proved too much. He discovered his liver was failing only a couple of months ago. Just yesterday, the day he passed, doctors had been discussing whether to put him on the transplant list, to give him another 15 years. But things went downhill quickly and his body decided for him.
He passed surrounded by Roxi, Adam, and Collin, and got a chance to hear goodbyes from Colton, Lydia, Liam, and Coraline. Everyone told him how amazing and funny he was, and how much we would miss his warm nature and good humor. The kids remembered giant bags of gummy bears, and tickles, and hilarious dad jokes. Everyone who knew him can easily recall dozens of stories that speak to his heart and good nature, his love for his family, and his need to be useful and productive until the very end.
If there’s anything we want you to do to honor Rick, please tell your kids and grandkids you love them. Tell your parents that you love them. Call your brothers and sisters. Get your liver checked, and take care of it. Say hi to a complete stranger. Break the tension in an elevator with a little joke. Spend your time making memories and cherish them.
We are utterly heartbroken but we know that Rick made our lives so much better in the time we knew him. I love you, Dad, and I miss you so much.
He is survived by his wife Roxana of Plymouth; sons Adam Ruud of Plymouth; Collin (Krista) Ruud of Urbana, IL; sister-in-law Diane Ruud of Ormand, FL; sister-in-law Robin Shannon of Sandy Springs, GA; brother-in-law Fred Topel of Delano, MN; siblings: JoElla (Bill) Kath of Shoreview, MN; Cindy (Bob) Olsen of Blaine, MN; Cheryl Keene of Blaine, MN; Charles (Beth) Ruud of Isanti, MN; Trisha (John) Zajac of Ramsey, MN; Chris (Sherry) Stearns of San Diego, CA; grandchildren: Colton, Lydia, Liam and Coraline.
Richard is preceded in death by his parents, sisters Sandra Hughes, Susan Topel and brother Morris Ruud.
Memorial contributions can be made to the Marshall County Humane Society, 11165 13th Rd, Plymouth, IN 46563.
A celebration of life will be held on Sunday, April 16, 2023 at the Coffee Lodge and Bakery, 225 E Jefferson St, Plymouth, IN 46563 from 2-5 pm.
Condolences may be sent to the family through the website:<>