Dick Markley updated members of the County Park Board last night on the progress of the historic trustee cabin reconstruction project. 

The logs of the cabin were stored over the winter and moved to the Memorial Forest on State Road 17 in late February.  With the concrete foundation complete, Yoder Log and Timber start work on the cabin project last week.

Markley said they started setting the logs a week ago Monday and by Tuesday evening of this week all the logs were set, the floor joists are in along with the subfloor, the rafters were cut, and installed, sheeting was put on the roof with a sealer and the metal roof was installed.  Work remaining to be finished includes the installation of windows and doors, which are handmade, the chinking must be completed, and the planks for the flooring installed. 

Markley said the backfill was placed around the foundation, but he expects additional fill will be needed as the soft soil settles.   He also said they had anticipated a couple of logs needing to be replaced but said there were a couple more needed as the project went along. 

Tuesday evening the County Park Board approved the third draw of $19,000 for the project.  The fourth and final draw will be $5,000 when the restoration project is complete.  The Park Board did put a $5,000 cushion in the budget to cover the additional cost for the replacement logs if necessary.     

The Park Board also began a discussion on a dedication ceremony.