Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the County Commissioners Monday that he expects to hear from the state in the next week or so on the 2023 Community Crossing Matching Grant Program.

The county has applied for the $1 million grant award and expects to add $623,000 of local money to complete this year’s proposed projects. The projects include Plymouth/Goshen Trail from the city limits to U.S. 30 with an estimated cost of $135,000.  The second project is 10B Road from State Road 17 to the County Line for $93,000 and Queen Road from U.S. 30 to 6th Road for $558,000.  His total project estimate for the Community Crossing projects is $1,623,000.

Superintendent Peters told the commissioners the additional paving he would like to have completed by the company that is awarded the Community Crossing projects include 9th Road from Pioneer Drive to Union Road.  This large project is estimated to cost $1,226,000.  With some concern that this single project may be too much for the county to cover this year, Peters will also be submitting Muckshaw Road from 14th Road to State Road 10; King Road from just south of 11th Road to 12B Road; and 13th Road from Peach Road to Olive Trail. That will give the county a couple of options for additional road work above and beyond the 2023 Road Plan that the County Highway will be doing. It will depend on available funding on which projects are completed this year.