The Marshall County Commissioners meet Monday morning at 8:30 in their second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

On the agenda is the Highway Superintendent, Veterans Service Officer with a quarterly report, and Darren Bates from Data Pit Stop who will update the commissioners on services provided to the county.  County Treasurer Kelly Einspahr is seeking approval of an agreement with Pitney Bowes for an automated mail opener and Bethany Hartley from the South Bend Regional Partnership will provide updates on Regional Economic Development.

The commissioners will consider a request from the Health Department to apply for a Supplemental Workforce in Schools grant, Assessor Pete Paul will discuss the pictometry data sharing agreement with MACOG, and County Council President, Jesse Bohannon will present an annual services agreement with Cender/Dalton Financial Consultants, which is new service and contract for the council to have.     

Also on the agenda are the County Attorney’s Report, Auditor’s Report, Claims, Public Comments, and Commissioner Items.  The meeting is open to the public and streamed on the county’s website at