A public hearing was held for the Tax Abatement request of ADDD Equities, LLC Monday evening during the Plymouth Common Council meeting.   

Attorney Burke Richeson spoke for ADDD Equities and told council members the building project will allow them to retain 25 employees and add 7 new jobs. 

ADDD Equities, LLC is local developer Alan Collins.  They will be building a $1.5 million corporate office facility and warehouse on Oak Drive between Teacher’s Credit Union and the storage units to the north.

Richeson did tell city council members the warehouse facility will be 24 feet tall.  There had been some questions about its height. 

Following the public hearing, the city council took the final step in the tax abatement process by approving a confirming resolution designating the property to be within an Economic Revitalization Area for a real property tax abatement.   The vote was 5 yea votes and 1 abstention by Greg Compton.