With a captivating soprano voice and award-winning songwriting, Caroline Cotter’s songs take listeners all over the world and into the depths of the human heart. Cotter’s songs are steeped in reverence for the natural world, with roots in New England and a deep love for the road. 

Since her debut album, “Dreaming as I Do”, released and reached #5 on the Folk DJ Charts in 2015, Caroline has performed over 800 shows in 45 states and 13 countries. No Depression magazine called her second major release, “Home on the River”, “sweet and smooth, and downright refreshing…raising spirits with one song, calming them with another.” 

Caroline’s youthful looks belie her wizened spirit, as clearly her travels have helped to build a person of great character and alacrity, and all her songs come filled with a sense of purpose – messages to the larger world around her.  In her popular ballad, “One, Four, Three,” she unfolds the story of her grandmother’s passing and the coded numbers she continues to find all around her, signaling, “I love you.”  Her song, “Peace of Mind,” communicates her feelings about the hopelessly divided world she feels rising around her:

I don’t want to know about / the mess this world is in

And I don’t want to cry / or blame or say it’s such a sin

I just want some peace of mind

 In an interview with Boston-based percussionist and composer, Julian Loida, Caroline commented: “Some of my richest life experiences, in particular, walking the Camino de Santiago in 2007 and again in 2011, helped me experience the freedom of owning very few possessions and the richness of sharing life with people from all over the world.” 

Caroline will be sharing her songs and profound insights from her world travel on Sunday, April 2nd, at Wild Rose Moon Performing Art Center at 3 pm for the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour and at 7 pm for the evening concert. Tickets are available at wildrosemoon.com and ASK for Flowers.  It’s a guaranteed, “Peace of Mind,” event.