Plymouth Police Chief, Dave Bacon, Monday evening told members of the Board of Public Works and Safety that his department is down two squad cars.

There were two separate accidents that created the shortage.  The first was a car-deer accident and the second happened last week when a person pulled out of a private drive on North Michigan Street and drove into a police vehicle.

Chief Bacon said the body shop estimates that both vehicles will be totaled but they are waiting on the city’s insurance adjuster.  He didn’t ask for any replacements at this time but did warn the Board of Public Works that another vehicle is in the shop for engine work.  The police chief has given up the use of his vehicle for the K9 officer who lost his ride. 

Chief Bacon said he’s spoken to the mayor and said they may look at a couple of used civilian vehicles for the chief and assistant chief.  He said, “We got away from that just because pursuit-rated vehicles, in this instance, keeping one that I drove, we were able to get it back out on patrol and it provides that security blanket.  Going back to a civilian vehicle doesn’t afford you that.”  

Chief Bacon also said that Kenton Lovely from Southern Ohio was sworn in on Monday and will begin training this week.  Mayor Senter said he has some experience but will have to attend the Law Enforcement Academy this fall.