Tuesday, Senator Braun endorsed Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s framework to Limit Spending, Save Taxpayer Money, and Grow the Economy outlined in a letter to President Biden. 

Last year, Senator Braun wrote his own balanced budget – The Braun Budget – which he forced onto the Senate floor implementing many of the budget ideas laid out in the Speaker’s framework. The final vote was 34 – 65.  

“I support the framework to limit spending and grow the economy set out by Speaker McCarthy in his letter to President Biden today. I championed these solutions to fix our debt nightmare in my balanced budget last year, such as reclaiming COVID funds, strengthening work requirements for able-bodied Americans receiving welfare, and reducing excessive non-defense/non-entitlement spending that’s been dishonestly put into the ‘mandatory’ category to shield it from cuts. Only 33 Republican Senators stood with me last year to pass a balanced budget, and I sure hope more conservatives are now ready to be conservative and back Speaker McCarthy’s effort to restore fiscal sanity.”