Members of the Marshall County Election Board, (Democrat Rick Huff, Republican Adam Lukenbill, and County Clerk Jenny Bennitt) met Monday morning in the Clerk’s Office to approve the legal notice of the May 2nd primary election and conduct the public test of the voting machines.

The legal public notice lists the democratic and republican candidates, their addresses, and offices sought. 

The Democratic list shows Robert W. Listenberger for Mayor, Jennifer M. Fonseca, Jeff Houin, and Dave Morrow for City Council At Large, Shiloh Carothers Milner for City Council in District 3, and Cathy Huff Wraight for City Council District 4.

In Culver Richard (Rich) West is running for the Town Council.   

The Republican list of candidates includes Greg Compton, Rick Cooper Jr (Coop), Nick Fisher, and John R. Grolich for Mayor, along with Lynn Gorski for Clerk-Treasurer.   Brian Bartlett and Brandon Richie are running for City Council At Large, Duane Culp for City Council District 1, Don Ecker Jr. for City Council District 2, and Randy Longanecker for City Council District 4. 

In Bremen Janet M. Anglemyer for Clerk-Treasurer, and Joe Blakley, Bill Daily, Michael A. Leman, Alex Mikel, Bryan Miller, and Barbara A. Sauter for Bremen Town Council. 

In Culver Karen Ann Heim for Culver Clerk-Treasurer, and Leigh (Boo) Marshall, Ginny Bess Munroe, Dana Neer, and Sally Ricciardi for Culver Town Council.

In-Person early voting and absentee voting will take place in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office at 211 West Madison Street on Monday, April 10th; Wednesday, April 12th; Friday, April 14th; Monday, April 17th; Wednesday, April 19th; Friday, April 21st; Monday, April 24th; Wednesday, April 26th; Friday, April 28th.

Early voting will also happen on the two Saturdays before the May 2nd primary, Saturday, March 22nd and 29th. Voting will be in the Marshall County Clerk’s Office, Bremen Pines at 1820 W. Plymouth Street and in Culver at the Culver School Administration Building at 700 School Street from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Saturday. 

The Marshall County Election Board unanimously approved the legal notice for the newspapers.  They also scheduled Poll Workers Training for April 19th at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  Clerk Jenny Bennitt said Barb Rockaway and Brenda Harper will be the Travel Board for this election.  They will be trained on April 14th by Donna Pontius.

County Clerk Jenny Bennitt told the Election Board they will be using 38 or 39 voting machines for the May 2nd primary, so they had to test a total of 4 machines on Monday. 

Photo: File photo