The nonpartisan Center for Effective Lawmaking released their 117th Congress (2021-2022) rankings Tuesday with high rankings for Senator Mike Braun from Indiana.

  • Senator Braun made the Top Ten List for Most Effective Senate Republicans at number 6. The Senators above him on the list have all served over 12 years in Congress; Senator Braun has served 4.
  • Senator Braun was the highest-ranked Republican on the “Freshman Senators Exceeding Expectations” list.  
  • In individual policy areas, Senator Braun was ranked the Most Effective Republican Senator in Agriculture and the Most Effective Republican Senator in Health.

The Center for Effective Lawmaking made special mention of Senator Braun’s legislative effectiveness in their report:

Also new to our top-10 list is Senator Mike Braun of Indiana, who first entered the Senate in the previous 116th Congress. Though relatively junior, Senator Braun introduced 80 bills, 20 of which engaged with health policy. He ultimately saw four of his bills pass the Senate, and three of them become law.” – Craig Volden and Alan Wiseman, Co-Directors, Center for Effective Lawmaking

The Center for Effective Lawmaking is a nonpartisan research organization directed through a partnership between the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University. Their effectiveness ratings for lawmakers are widely cited among the Capitol Hill press.

The Center for Effective Lawmaking was the same research group that previously ranked Senator Braun’s predecessor as the least effective Democrat in the Senate.

Senator Braun made this statement on his rankings:

I told Hoosiers I would get to work and get results, and that’s what I’ve done every day since I left my business to go work for you in the Senate. I’m proud to be one of the Top Ten Most Effective Republicans in the Senate, and the Most Effective Republican in Agriculture and Health, two issues that matter so much for Indiana.” – Senator Mike Braun

For more information on the bills Senator Braun authored that have become law, see his 2022 Solutions Update: