During Monday’s County Commissioner meeting, bids to demolish the structures at 590 and 600 West Jefferson Street in Culver, the former Boetsma Home Furnishings buildings were opened for the Unsafe Building Board. 

County Building Inspector Steve Howard told the commissioners he’s been working with owner Larry Boetsma to clean up the property and secure the buildings since he took over the office.  Howard said, “He has let it go long enough for us to take action against him to demo the building.”  The Building Inspector said he was contacted on Friday, March 17th, and told the repairs had been made.  Howard said, “It’s kind of a little late, I think at this point that we can actually just walk away from it.”

The County Building Inspector said he was going to go to Culver and inspect the building following the commissioner’s meeting to see that the work was completed properly.  He also said he thought the county should be reimbursed for their administrative fees and costs reimbursed for the issues that have been going on. 

It will be up to the Unsafe Building Board to decide if demolition will move forward or not.  The County Commissioners have no say so in the decision-making process.

Three bids were opened, with Langfeldt excavating from Plymouth bidding $11,550.  Jerry Reed Excavating out of Lakeville had a bid of $9,500 and David Stowers Excavating from Elwood offered a bid of $9,900. 

The commissioners accepted the bids and will refer them to the Unsafe Building Board for review and consideration at their meeting on Thursday, March 23rd at 9 a.m.