Senator Mike Bohacek said in a recent release, “In recent years, Senate Republicans have taken the lead in supporting the men and Women who serve and protect us by funding additional training, providing better equipment, and increasing salaries for our police officers.”

The Indiana State Police (ISP), as the state’s leading law enforcement agency, offers assistance to nearly every law enforcement agency across the state.  Yet, data shows our state troopers are among the lowest paid law enforcement officers in Indiana.

Bohacek said, “That’s why Senate Republicans have made it a budget priority to increase pay for the ISP.”

He continued, “We must not take for granted the sacrifice law enforcement officers make each and every day.  Increasing ISP pay is one of the ways the state can take care of the men and women who keep our communities safe, and I am proud to support them.”

Senator Bohacek represents District 8 which includes all of Marshall County except German Township.