On Friday, March 17th (2023), at about noon, Marshall County Sheriff’s Department Detective Les McFarland was called to investigate an accident involving a Plymouth Police Department vehicle on North Michigan Street and Skylane Drive.

Sergeant Ray West, with the Plymouth Police Department, was involved in the motor vehicle accident.

There were no injuries from the accident. Sergeant Ray West explained that he was traveling southbound on Michigan Street when a passenger vehicle exited the Speedway Gas Station and ran into the side of his patrol vehicle causing damage to both vehicles.

Speaking with the other driver, Kevin Guyse, he explained that he did not have insurance on the vehicle.  He advised that the vehicle had just been purchased by his girlfriend and the vehicle was within her name.

Guyse stated that he was exiting the Speedway Gas Station when he failed to see the police car traveling southbound. The accident is still under investigation at this time. Both vehicles were towed from the scene due to severe damage.

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