Earlier this month the Marshall County Commissioners were updated on the application process for members to fill seats on the Regional Sewer District Board.  County Attorney Jim Clevenger updated the commissioners during their meeting on March 6th.

Mr. Clevenger told them at least nine applications had been received although he said one applicant does not live in the sewer district and another one lives in one of the low-priority areas. 

The commissioners will have a chance to review those applications and could begin interviewing candidates as early as next week. 

It was determined early in the process that Marshall County would have a seven-member Regional Sewer Board.  The County Commissioners would have five appointments, the County Council would appoint one member, and the City of Plymouth would appoint the final member. Members would serve staggered terms.   

On December 12th, 2022 the Indiana Department of Environmental Management approved Marshall County’s petition to create a Regional Sewer District.