Drinkers and diners who have enjoyed Fessor’s Brewery and Dry Run Kitchen in Argos found out Tuesday morning through a message on Facebook that the businesses will stop operations at the close of business this Saturday, March 18th

Their Facebook statement says, “What a difference a week can make. Just last week we were purchasing our equipment for further expansion and now, with an upcoming relocation to the east coast in mind, our managing partner Chris is stepping away from Fessor’s leadership.”  The message continues, “After several years of working to develop the Argos business community, it’s heartbreaking to walk away from such a successful business and our dedicated customers.”

Fessor’s Brewery and Dry Run Kitchen began serving great food and craft beer in August 2021 and helped make Argos a destination. 

They hope to find someone interested in keeping this successful venture open and moving forward but said the indefinite closing of Dry Run Kitchen and Fessor’s Brewery will happen at the end of business this Saturday, March 18th, 2023.

Their Facebook message goes on to say this action will also halt construction at both the Argos facility and their expansion into a Rochester location.

In closing, Fessor’s Brewery and Dry Run Kitchen said, “We have deeply enjoyed and certainly will miss the relationships we’ve built, along with the dedicated employees that served with us throughout this exciting venture.  Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your lives.”