County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters asked the Marshall County Commissioners to approve the 2023 Road Plan last week. 

The plan calls for 47.5 miles of chip and seal projects at an estimated cost of $950,000.  There are 27.25 miles of roads to be reclaimed and then have a double chip and seal, triple chip and seal or be reclaimed with millings at an estimated cost of $1,433,500.  Peters also has 15.75 miles of roads to be paved this season at an estimated cost of $1,023,750. 

This year’s Road Plan includes maintenance, stone, and patching at an estimated cost of $439,700.  The grand total was estimated to be just over $3.8 which is well over what the Highway Department has in its 2023 budget. 

The Community Crossing Projects include 6 miles of paving at an estimated cost of $1,531,000 and the additional paving projects haven’t been determined yet.  Peters has presented a couple of projects, but the County Commissioners have not determined what they want to move forward with.  They may wait to decide until after the Community Crossings grant award has been announced.

There are a total of 102.25 miles in the 2023 Road Plan with 15.75 miles in Bourbon Township

8.5 miles in Center Township

2.5 miles in Green Township

5.75 miles in German Township

6 miles in North Township

23 miles in Polk Township

8 miles in Tippecanoe Township

6 miles in Union Township

15.25 miles in Walnut Township and

11.5 miles in West Township. 

Superintendent Peters also divided the projects by the Commissioner Districts with 34.74 miles in the Northern third of the county, 35.75 miles in the Middle portion of Marshall County, and 31.75 miles in the southern third of the county.

The Marshall County Commissioners approved the 2023 Road Plan and will be seeking a million-dollar appropriation of ARPA Funds from the County Council for this year’s road projects.