During the Public Comment portion of the Marshall County Commissioners meeting on Monday, John Greer, Maintenance Supervisor of the County Jail asked for approval to move forward with the replacement of two rooftop HVAC units.

Greer explained that there are 10 units on the roof of the jail and sheriff’s department.  The commissioners have already approved the replacement of four of those units in the last several years.  Greer said, “As part of a proactive three-year plan to replace the remaining units, I sent out on January 17th of this year a request for proposals to replace RTU 7 serving the kitchen area and RTU 5 serving the booking area. Due to the sensitive nature of the areas being served, this work must be done promptly and at the right time of the year.” 

Greer said the lead time for the HVAC units is currently 25 weeks.  He received two proposals for the replacement work.  Ideal Consolidated, INC. from South Bend presented a price of $174,962 while H&G from Mishawaka had a proposal of $157,145 for the same equipment.  He said both companies have served the county well in the past. 

After reviewing the proposals, Greer said the lowest one met his specifications.  He also said the sheriff put money in his 2023 budget for this project. 

The jail maintenance supervisor asked the commissioners for approval to seek proposals for two additional units to be installed in the spring of 2024.  These units would be for the rec rooms and guard tower.  He noted with the extended lead time he would seek the proposals later this year and be able to budget for that project in the 2024 budget. 

The Marshall County Commissioners, Stan Klotz, and Mike Burroughs approved the low bid of H&G and preparing for the installation of two additional rooftop units in the spring of 2024.  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer was unable to attend Monday’s meeting.