The Town of Culver has partnered with Surf Internet to install fiber-optic internet within the incorporated limits of the town. Construction has begun on the south side of Culver.

Culver Town Manager Ginny Munroe is giving citizens an update on what to expect during the construction process.  Construction crews move through Culver and citizens will begin to see flags marking the location of underground utilities, large spools of orange conduit, and some heavy equipment, which may be temporarily positioned on or near your property to complete underground construction in your immediate area. 

Conduit is a type of tubing used to house and protect the fiber-optic cable and will be installed underground via a boring process. A fiber access point will be placed in the utility easement of your property. Once the fiber is pulled through the conduit, part of the main line will be spliced and routed to that access point, so it is ready to run fiber cable to your home. Fiber internet service won’t be available until the build-out on the west side of town has been completed (it’s currently under construction). 

As construction crews move through each section of town, Surf will send a letter to your home to notify you that construction will begin in your neighborhood soon. If you would like to receive an email notification as well, please visit and click on “Get Notifications”. You can also contact Surf with any questions or concerns you may have via their construction site (link above) or by calling 1-844-445-SURF (1-844-7873).

Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim said the town especially wants to alert those who do not live in Culver year-round and may come to town occasionally or just on weekends of upcoming construction activity in their neighborhoods. She said, “Please be aware that while Surf’s authorized contractor will take the utmost care when boring underground there is a possibility of a utility not being properly marked or buried as deep as it should be.” 

In the rare occurrence that another underground utility such as a water or sewer line is damaged during the construction process, be assured the construction crew will immediately contact the appropriate utility company and work with them to restore service as quickly as possible and repair any damage.

Heim said, “For peace of mind, we suggest that you arrange for someone to check your water and sewer connections while crews are working in your neighborhood to ensure there has been no disruption to service.” 

For general information on the project, please go to

The Town of Culver hopes to activate the fiber-optic internet in phases, starting later this summer. They appreciate citizen patience throughout this project.