The National Weather Service in Northern Indiana has issued a “Winter Storm Watch” for areas including Marshall County in northern Indiana.  Snow accumulations of between 4-7 inches are possible but exact amounts remain uncertain.  This will be a HEAVY, WET SNOW with a liquid equivalent of 1 to 2.25 inches.  The liquid equivalent will increase the chances of flooding issues, especially in low-lying areas, creeks, and ditches, and will cause an increase in river levels. In addition, strong winds with gusts between 40-45 mph will be possible.  A “Flood Warning:” also remains in place.

The Yellow River is currently at 10.66 ft. which is just below the “Action stage” and is forecast to rise to 11.9 ft. with the additional water amount we could receive.

The Tippecanoe River at Ora which impacts Marshall, Fulton, and Pulaski County is currently at 12.32 which puts it in the “Minor stage” and is forecast to rise to 12.7 ft. which would put it in the “Moderate stage”.  

THREAT:  Heavy Wet Snow, flooding concerns, strong wind gusts

IMPACTS:  Reduced visibility and slick and snow-covered roads will result in hazardous driving conditions which may increase the number of accidents and slide-offs. Flooding of low-lying areas and areas prone to flooding during heavy rain events is likely to increase into the weekend.  Strong winds combined with the heavy snow on trees could cause tree damage that may lead to trees or tree limbs across roads, damage to power lines, and utility poles, and could result in power outages.

PROTECTIVE ACTIONS:  Give yourself extra time to reach your destination tomorrow.  Be sure to clean snow from your windshield, headlights, and warning lights.  S-L-O-W down and increase your following distance.  If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, move your vulnerable, valuable property to higher ground. Closely monitor the forecast and be prepared to implement your family emergency plan and move to a safer location.  While driving, be aware of the potential for water ponding on roads, especially near the edge of roads that may be difficult to see. NEVER allow children to play around high-water areas, ditches, or retention ponds.  In case the power does go out, be sure to keep your cell phone charged.  Make sure to have a flashlight and extra batteries.

Just a reminder:  Sand and sandbags are available at the old EMA Office located just north of the Marshall County Highway garage at 9515 King Road in Plymouth.  You will need to bring your own shovel.